Handparting is the term used to describe a ceremony that acknowledges a couple were previously handfasted but no longer wish to stay in a romantic relationship with each other.  During a handfasting, the couple usually promise they will stay together "for as long as love shall last" and, although we never intend to fall out of love, it can and does happen.  Separation and divorce aren't usually reasons for celebration but they're as much a rite of passage as the happier occasions.  Acknowledging circumstances have changed is a positive way of breaking free of past hurt.

Of course everyone's experience is individual and personal - for some, a break up is bitter and full of recriminations; some people feel numb, devastated, angry and even relieved; some face a catastrophic situation from which they can't recover; and some drift in a downward spiral for a long time.  Even when there's no blame and a spilt is by mutual agreement, separation and divorce are still painful journeys; but it's important to remember that they're not an end to all good things.   They're a transition - life goes on and you can look forward to the future once you're able to discard any hurt or pain you've experienced. 


If your relationship has run its course, there's no shame in acknowledging that you've grown and changed and are now faced with going your separate ways.  Life doesn't always work out the way we planned but, even if parting is the right thing to do, you're likely to grieve for what was and what might have been.

Handparting isn't a negative ceremony - quite the opposite in fact.  The main focus is on releasing you from vows you made previously and ties that no longer serve.  In this way, you're free to start moving forward without looking back.


I will deliver a ceremony that dissolves the bonds you created and severs any remaining emotional connection.  Where possible, this will be with goodwill and friendship between you but, if the relationship has deteriorated to such an extent that you can't do that, we will focus on helping you move forward positively and with a lighter heart.

Above all else, the service I provide will be tailored exactly to your wishes.  If you think I can help you find closure, please CONTACT me to discuss your requirements for a meaningful end to your relationshipTo find out more about me, please click HERE.  To read what others think of my services, please click HERE.