A funeral service followed by cremation is one way of saying goodbye to a loved one but it isn’t the end of the process.  There’s no reason to make a hurried decision but, following cremation, you will eventually need to decide what to do with the deceased’s ashes. Some people choose to keep the ashes with them - perhaps in a nice urn and in a prominent place.  Others, choose to bury the ashes in a family grave or some other significant location.  And yet others choose to scatter them – usually in a spot that holds special memories. 

Without a grave, some people struggle to focus their sorrow and this can hinder the grieving process.  A place where your loved one’s ashes are buried or scattered becomes symbolically meaningful and is a permanent place of remembrance.  It’s somewhere to visit; to sit with them for a while; and to leave flowers.  Not everyone needs one specific place but, for those who do, it can bring solace and consolation. Or maybe the deceased had their own view regarding what should happen to their ashes and left instructions for you to honour.

There are very few legal restrictions regarding burial or scattering of ashes and the process can be as formal or informal as you wish:

  • It can take place almost anywhere; at a time of your choosing

  • You can do so alone or surround yourself with family and friends

  • You can do it in silence, say a few words or hold a full‑blown ceremony with poetry and music.


If you would like my Celebrant services to mark the occasion with a ceremony tailored to your requirements, I will be pleased to help.  I can advise and guide you if necessary and I encourage the participation of others if this is appropriate. My fee will be determined by the amount of work and expenses involved – ie, short ceremonies will cost less than longer ones.


If the site is within a 20 mile radius of Leeds, short ceremonies are free to clients for whom I have conducted the funeral.  If a lengthy service or further travel is required, reasonable charges will be incurred.

For a meaningful conclusion to celebrating your loved one’s life, please CONTACT me to discuss your requirements and I’ll be happy to help.  To find out more about me, please click HERE.  To read what others think of my services, please click HERE.