To name someone is highly significant. In times past, a child wasn’t considered a legitimate member of a family until he or she had been publicly named and acknowledged. In doing so, we give a child not only a sense of personal identity but also a family and cultural identity; all of which are important to a child’s sense of ‘belonging’.

The birth or adoption of a child is always special and many people wish to mark the occasion with a ceremony but don’t want to commit their child to following a specific religious path. A civil ceremony can be as formal or informal as you want it to be and you can incorporate all the elements that matter to you. It doesn’t have to include any religion at all if you don’t want it to but it can contain a favourite prayer or blessing if that’s what you want.

"Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language".

Dale Carnegie

A civil ceremony is a perfect opportunity to welcome a child or step children in to their wider circle of friends and family. Parents may make promises about their child’s upbringing; and extended family and friends have an opportunity to heap good wishes upon them. Supporting adults may be chosen to help and guide the child throughout life and they too may wish to make their own promises. Older siblings (including children from other relationships) can take part in such ceremonies so they too feel loved and valued.

Change of Name​

Older people sometimes feel the need to transform their life and a change of name helps them shed their old persona. A new name can often mean a new life for those who feel the need to move away from their past for whatever reason. Changing name by deed poll is one way to do this but a civil ceremony is the perfect opportunity to make family and friends aware of the change and allow them to pledge their love and support.

Naming and welcoming ceremonies can take place almost anywhere; for example at your home, in the garden, at a park, in a village hall, club or hotel. I will write and conduct the ceremony but you can have as much input as you wish. You can include a favourite reading, poem or song or I can make suggestions if you’d like me to. I encourage participation from family and friends to help create a truly personal, uplifting and joyful celebration. To complete the ceremony, I will present a commemorative certificate as a memento of the day.

If you are looking for a naming ceremony full of meaning and symbolism; one that can be held in virtually any setting you choose (indoors or outdoors), please CONTACT me to discuss and I will be pleased to help.  After an initial meeting to find out your requirements, I will compose and conduct the ceremony but I encourage friends and family to participate if they’re willing.  To find out more about me, please click HERE.  To read what others think of my services, please click HERE.